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Who we are?

We are an Argentine international freight forwarder composed of people with extensive experience in national and international transportation.
We aim to provide personalized and comprehensive service to exporting and importing companies to enhance the experience and streamline processes in trade operations, providing support at different stages of the sale.
Our passion lies in mutual growth and support for SMEs that need to outsource to become more efficient in their operation.
Our commitment is customer satisfaction and fulfillment of commitments, providing excellent service.

Maritime Service

Maritime Service

We utilize our maritime transport service to operate on the most important global routes. We charter ships from international shipowners partially, enabling us to offer competitive prices, greater security, and hold frequency. Additionally, we provide a variety of additional services to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

<span >Maritime</span>  <span class='poppins-thin'>Service</span>

Air Service


By air, we can ensure that opportunities arrive promptly and more quickly. Thanks to our agreements with major airlines, we can offer competitive rates, frequent daily flights, and excellent transit times for exports and imports.

Our experience ensures tailored and fast solutions to protect the interests of our clients.

We have expert professionals for personalized tracking of your shipments.

We have adjusted our schedules to facilitate customs procedures, offering a competitive advantage.

We are committed to providing exceptional and efficient service that meets the expectations of each client.

Ground Service

Our ground transportation service offers comprehensive, flexible, and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. From pickup to delivery, we guarantee safety and punctuality on every shipment. With a modern fleet and advanced technology, we are committed to exceeding expectations and providing a seamless experience.

At OpenSea Logistics, we strive to provide cutting-edge ground logistics solutions, designed to meet the most demanding demands of our clients. From pickup to delivery, our priority is to provide efficient and safe service. With a modern fleet and state-of-the-art technology, we are ready to make your shipments reliably and hassle-free.

Discover excellence in ground logistics with OpenSea Logistics. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable and efficient transportation solutions, ensuring safety and punctuality on every shipment. Trust our experience and technology to get your products where you need them, hassle-free.


Courier Service


Our courier service provides fast, secure, and efficient solutions for the urgent transportation of your packages and documents. With a well-established distribution network and highly trained team, we guarantee timely and reliable delivery at all times.

At OpenSea Logistics, we understand the importance of speed and security in transporting your most urgent shipments. That's why our courier service is designed to meet your highest demands, offering fast and seamless delivery.

Trust our experienced and dedicated team to handle your courier needs efficiently and professionally. We are committed to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations and ensures customer satisfaction with every delivery.

Insurance Service

Our insurance service provides comprehensive protection for your shipments, giving you peace of mind and security at every step of the transportation process. With flexible coverage and personalized attention, we ensure to safeguard your goods against any unforeseen events during their journey.

At OpenSea Logistics, we understand the importance of protecting your goods during their transportation. That's why our insurance service is designed to adapt to your specific needs, offering you the peace of mind you need to send your products with confidence.

Trust in our experience in the logistics sector to provide you with the best insurance options for your shipments. We are committed to providing you with a transparent and reliable service that allows you to protect your goods and minimize any potential risks.


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If you have any inquiries, you can write to us or call us:

+54 11 4846 5901
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código postal C1045AAO
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